Slow Cooker Project

A Slow Cooker collaboration with Kettle Falls Food Bank

Slow Cooker Project update This project is back on our list. We discussed some ways in which we might assist people accessing good nutritious food by working with the Kettle Falls food bank. The proposal is that 2 people from our group would be present at the food bank on the first T, W, Th of each month June through September. We will have a pre-made meal in a crock pot for clients to taste. It will use ingredients available at the food bank that month. We will have spice packets and recipes available for anyone who would like to gather the ingredients and make the meal at home. In addition we will raffle a new crock pot and one or more refurbished (used in excellent condition) crock pots each week of our project.

Ways You Can Participate:

Procure donations of new crock pots
Locate used crock pots (good will, habitat for humanity, friends or your own duplicates) for donation. We will reimburse expenses of their purchase if you wish.
Spend a couple of hours once a month at the food bank offering food and talking with clients. Find a friend and support the food bank and the Slow Food Mission!