Pollinators How would our gardens grow without the help of healthy bees and bugs.

GMO Education Project

1000 Gardens in Africa

Red Gold film brought out many questions and people wanting to know more about Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine you can find out more at these websites Trout Unlimited Alaska or Renewable Resource Coalition. Actions you can take, only eat wild salmon, use less copper and gold. (think water pipes and electricity)

RAFT (Renewing Americas Food Traditions)
RAFT is an alliance of food, farming, environmental and culinary advocates who have joined together to identify, restore and celebrate America’s biologically and culturally diverse food traditions through conservation, education, promotion and regional networking. Check out the SF Upper Columbia RAFT Plant Sale

Heirloom Apples and Homestead Orchards
One of the early projects we planned was to start a registry of homestead orchards in our county so we could begin to learn of the varieties that were planted, their unique characteristics and types that are worth replicating through grafting to new trees. This year the Slow Food USA RAFT program is focusing on heirloom apples and have a  Forgotten Fruits Manefesto. If you are interested in working on this project bring your interest to our next meeting and we will set you up with a fruit tree registry form.

Slow Food Youth
Financial assistance for 18-29 year old to attend a  hands on workshop  (August 6-12) at Quillisascut Farm about the Slow Food mission of “Good, Clean, Fair” for more information and applications

School Garden
Financial assistance for a regional participant at the Quillisascut School Garden workshop (August 15-19) Building  the classroom connections from the soil  to the table. information and applications

program for the Upper Columbia region.  We will need to create our own criteria and nomination forms. If you are interested in this project please let us know. to check out the works being done by Slow Food New York