Have you ever wondered… What have pollinators done for me lately? What animals pollinate plants? What insects pollinate plants around here? Should I be concerned about pollinators? What can I do to help in my yard and garden? 1. Providing food 2. Providing nesting sites 3. Providing overwintering sites.

For answers look here ; Slow Food Upper Columbia Pollinator Hand-Out

General pollinator information on the following topics · Attracting pollinators · Pollinator podcasts and videos · Constructing bee nests · Identifying bumblebees · More bumblebee information · Butterflies and moths · General bug information For more information on pollinators that live in North Eastern Washington check out these links.

Macro Moths NE Washington

Butterfly Larvae Host plants

Butterflies NEWA

Bumble Bees of NEWA

Bumble Bees of West Poster

Bee Species NEWA Butterfly and Moth Books some of these are available from the Stevens County Library Photos of Pollinators

Monarch Butterflies in NE Washington


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