October 2009

Minutes from October 18, 2009 meeting at Heather’s Fairy Tale Bakery in Colville

Attendees and the dishes they brought to the potluck:
Scott and Maureen Harlow – goat soup
Joe and Cheryl Barreca – bottles of Barreca wines and butternut squash, cranberry, pecan dish
Carl Bach – vegetable dish – stewed potato, beans and a bottle of homemade Merlot wine
Lesley Mann – cooked red cabbage and apple dish
Jay and Janice Berube – stuffed eggplant (with potatoes, peas, onions and carrots)
Al Kowitz – Pain Rustique bread made today
Rick and Lora Lea Misterly – their goat cheeses and a lacto fermented carrot and ginger salad
Chris Loggers – Capusel (sp?) – Goat head prepared 2 ways – boiled and baked with vinaigrette
Kathy Ahlenslager & Elise Loggers – Heather’s rustic apple gallette for Chris’ birthday
Norman, Kristen and Page Six – meatballs made from local grass fed American Heritage beef
Tove Andvik – green salad with blue cheese, beets and pomegranate seeds
Jenna Collins – butternut squash with garlic, onion and cumin

Heather spoke as an introduction and welcome to her place of business.  She’s hoping to soon be offering homemade dog biscuits.  She’s waiting for license/approval.  She will be presenting at the upcoming entrepreneurs event in Colville.  She says she can’t compare last year to this year due to the recent downturn in the economy.  She did report that 2 other local bakeries are closing…”one in Trail, BC and one in Chewelah.”

Cheryl told everyone she had a fairly recent list of membership status if anyone wanted to look it up to see if they were current with their dues.

Al’s brief Treasurer’s report: “We’re rich”.

Lora Lea (co-President) said that “the Farm School Scholarship money is still in the account and hope to use it next year.”
“Had 13 young people [2 from Canada, 1 from Baltimore, 1 from Denver and the rest from our “Salmon Nation”]
Voice of Wisdom to the Youth (Lunch Campaign)   Al’s Mom brought information and foods of her generation including wild foods.  Around the table, they shared each others “words of wisdom”.
New Business:
•    Terra Madre Day is Wednesday, December 10, 2009 at Quillasascut Farm School and there will be sharing a dish from our “inspiring wisdom giver”.
•    The upcoming Colville Horizons Entrepreneurial Workshop (at AG Center) has asked if we want to host a snack or lunch.  Lots of questions and discussion about how to do this.  Lora Lea said she could help with serving and clean up if there is participation in this.  Food might be prepared at Lovitt Restaurant
•    Next Year’s Farmers’ Market:  Can we participate with cooking demos?  Health Permit? Heirloom vegetable education?  Tove and Lesley said they’d work on that and Norm and Kristen said they could provide recipes from their restaurant.
•    Downstairs at today’s event in the Conference Room, there is a 30 minute film being shown – “FRESH”