November 2009


Slow Food Meeting at Quillisascut Farm School

Schedule for the Year:
December 4th – the Movie “Slow” – Colville, (College?) 7 PM.   For more information about the organization, check out their website:

December 6, 3PM Terra Madre – Video at Quillisascut Farm School.  This is a video on seeds and garden seed exchanges.

More meetings will be on the third Sunday of each month.  In January, that is the 17th.  We would like to have groups of people do each meeting.

The RAFT Planting day will be April 11th (a Sunday) or April 15th (a Thursday).  RAFT means “Renewing America’s Food Traditions.”

May 9th, Mother’s Day is the Plant Sale.

Educational Projects (We need two.)
    Food Inc. – a movie will be shown at the Community College Theater in January or February.
    River – by the King Corn Guys, Aaron Woolf, Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, at Lovitt on a Tuesday in March.

The Rotary wants a display and someone to talk about Slow Food at the Rotary Christmas Dinner, December 4th between 6 PM and 7 PM.  Maureen Harlow and Carl Bach will coordinate this event.

We would also like to have a booth at the Farmer’s Market at least once a month.

We could do something at Lovitt as a dinner and a fund raiser during November, while the Sixes are gone.  The Spokane Slow Food group did a Wine Dinner as a fund raiser.

Leslie Mann-King thinks we could “pay” Heather for the use of her bakery for meetings by giving her a membership or something else.  Al and Evelyn Kowitz gave a Slow Food Membership to the Sixes for example.  Our first choice is to buy local eggs from Addy Eggs for her.

Now is a good time to email the Slow Food Group about dues.   The subject line could be “good ideas” and a sliding scale membership and senior discounts especially for rural communities, sound like good ideas to us.  Note that the automated form at does not allow a subject line.  (Maybe a subject line for that would be another “good idea”.)

Tove Andvik and Leslie Mann-King will help at the Farmers Market with some traditional recipes.

Marianne announced that the Colville community garden is finished with fencing and water and is ready for planting in next spring.  She is hoping for folks from the retirement homes to come out and mentor new gardeners.

We will try to line up the projects to focus on the people to take them on at the next meeting.