February 2009

Hello everyone,

The minutes from last month’s meeting at Heather’s Fairy Tale Bakery is attached for your reference. *Note action items for the next meeting.

The Sun-Feb15 pot-luck meeting at Quillisascut Farm School was another delicious gathering of home-cooked meals using many seasonal favorites and exotic surprises to the palate! For those who were unable to attend, look what you missed: root vegetables w/ greens and roast chicken (Kowitz); kale pie (Mann); assorted home-pickled root vegetables – red and yellow beets and micro-vineyard Marechal Foch wine & Pinot Noir wine (Barreca); baked ziti and home-baked artisan bread (Bach); wild rice salad (Groth); toasted Indian lentil and spicy garbanzo pupppodums and exotic Indian mungdahl w/ rice, blueberry chutney, plum chutney, toasted mustard seeds, raita and basmati rice (Wells); quinoa salad (Penberthy); pasta fagiole (Harlow); deviled eggs _ popcorn w/ brewer’s yeast (Herman); baked squash (Misterly). My apologies for missing any dishes — it was a feast for the palate, as well as the eyes!! What an awesome cookbook we could put together for a Slow Food Upper Columbia fundraiser!!

Present: Rick & Lora Lea, Motoe Wada & Clint, Joe & Cheryl Barreca, Jeff & Jeanette Herman, Lesley Mann, Tifanie & George Wells, Carl & Eileen Bach, *Hanna Penberthy & Max Silver, *Jim & Jo Ann Groth, Al & Evelyn Kowitz, *Terry Tyler, and Scott & Maureen Harlow. *Guests


Election of leadership
• Email your nominations for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary to Loralea1@centurytel.net.
• Maureen took notes at the Jan meeting and volunteered to serve as Secretary, but has since changed her mind, so this position is open for nominations.

March 31_Red Gold viewing at Lovitt Restaurant_6pm
• FREE, but space is limited, so reserve your seat by calling Lovitt Restaurant at 684-5444. Appetizers available for sale.

Slow Food Youth Scholarship for Quillisascut Farm School Program
• Selection team needs to develop criteria and set a date deadline for applications.
• Lora Lea will work with Shelly Berryman on a strategy to promote scholarship applications to Stevens County community colleges and high schools/
• Suggest contacting other conviviums about their methods of promoting this project
• Hanna recommended checking out the Mustard Seed Project.

Programs for 2009
• Maureen suggested we form a Program team to come up with a strategy for 2009 events. The group decided to maintain discussions about events at monthly meetings rather than form a program committee.
• Bring your ideas to the March 15 meeting.

April 12 (Sunday) RAFT Transplanting Party at Garden Gate Nursery
• This has been a primary fundraiser for our convivium on Mother’s Days at Garden Gate Nursery; sold average of 500 plants in the past.
• Sign up for this work party and bring your potluck dish for the meeting following the transplanting.
• Contact akowitz@communityagcenter.org if you have 4-inch pots and can volunteer at Noon on Apr 12.

May 9, 10 & 11 RAFT Plant Sale at Garden Gate Nursery
• Need you to SIGN UP for shifts. Contact akowitz@communityagcenter.org.

May 16_Friends of the Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge (LPOWF) Mushroom Foray_9:30am to 3:00pm
• Call Jim & Jo Ann Groth NOW to sign up for this event at: 684-1379. This event fills up fast and there will probably be a wait-list so if you find you can NOT make it to this free event, call Jo Ann ASAP so she can notify someone else to fill your spot.
• Lesley suggested we hold our May potluck meeting at the LPOWF and make the cooking demonstration one of our chapter’s community outreach activities. To be discussed at the March 15 meeting.

This Fall, Evelyn proposed to work with local community colleges about eating healthier, using Spokane Falls CC’s project as a model.
• Hanna volunteered to help with this outreach.

Community gardens
• George reported on the Inchelium garden project. This was based on a grant received by the Colville Tribal Nation (Nespelem hqtrs) as a step to help reduce diabetes on the reservation; not initiated by the Inchelium community. Individual plots were more successful than the community beds. All necessary elements were available: irrigation, tools and soil. Community interest was less than hoped. Chances of gaining Inchelium resident involvement for a Slow Food meeting at their community center is slim.

Next meeting at Lovitt Restaurant on March 15
NEW time: 1:00 pm potluck.
Please RSVP to loralea1@centurytel.net

Respectfully submitted,
Maureen Harlow