April 2009

April 12, 2009 meeting

Though there had been reservations on some members’ parts about having the transplanting party, potluck and meeting on Easter, 25 people showed up willing to work, play and generally gather together at Garden Gate Growers’ greenhouse and the Kowitz-Florio house.  It was wonderful to experience and we transplanted and labeled over 550 heirloom tomato, pepper and groundcherry plants in 45 minutes!  We’re all ready for our biggest fundraiser at the May plant sale, Mothers’ Day weekend.  After that, we wandered through the Spring rain to the house for another delicious potluck.  It didn’t seem like a meeting was going to take place, but started while we were eating our gourmet meal.  (Evelyn reminded us…“The price of membership can be considered well worth it when you figure we get a huge gourmet meal once a month!”)
Attendees: Members – Joe and Cheryl Barreca, Scott and Maureen Harlow, Rick and Lora Lea Misterly, Bob and Shelly Berryman, George and Tifanie Wells, Jay and Jan Berube, Chris Loggers, Marianne Watkins, Alice Aldous, Don Worley, Lesley Mann, David King, Al Kowitz, Evelyn Florio.  Guests–Elaine Clough, Mark and Hillary Talbott-Williams, Rori Draper, Tove Andvik.  (at Potluck/Meeting-Guest, Lynn Conner-Kowitz)

1)  Bob Berryman reported that the Colville Saturday Farmer’s Market begins May 2nd.  There is a canopy and chairs available for Slow Food Upper Columbia to have a booth when we can get volunteers.  No one volunteered for that 1st market date.  But we hope to have one at least once a month.  Lesley and Shelly will meet in June to discuss this further.  The idea of offering food samples came up with the need for health permits for anything cooked and tabled for now due to the apparent complexities.

2)  Another event on May 2nd in Colville was brought to our attention by Maureen.  She will be having a Slow Food table at the Food Bank’s Sale and Swap at the AG Center.

3)  Evelyn wanted to know if we wanted to change the way we sell flats of plants at the upcoming plant sale (May 8, 9, 10).  After some debate, we decided it’s on a first come first serve basis.  And that the price of each 4” pot will be $2.00 for non-convivium members and $1.50 for members.  A sign up sheet for volunteers was circulated and is as follows:
Friday:     8 – 10 am – Cheryl Barreca, Janice and Jay Berube
10am – Noon – Rick Misterly and Tove Anvik
Noon – 2 pm – Alice Aldous
Saturday: 8 – 10 am – Lesley Mann-King
10 – Noon – Mark and Hillary Talbott-Williams
It looks like we could use some more volunteers.  Contact Evelyn Florio – 738-2227

4) May 16th is the Mushroom Foray.  (Refer to March meeting minutes)
Lesley reminded us that our convivium is having a table set up after the foray with information and food samples.

Due to all these events in May, there’s no other scheduled meeting.
The next meeting will be June 21st…Summer Solstice.  No place designated yet.
5)  Lynn Conner-Kowitz mentioned that the Community Garden in Colville, being coordinated by the Lutheran Church will be “All Organic”.

6)  June:  Lora Lea said that Myers Falls Market is having a “Customer Appreciation Day” and wondered if we should set up a table?
Shelly Berryman is coordinating with Myers Falls Market to show the film “Food Fight” sometime in June.

7)  The next date mentioned was August (somehow July was skipped) regarding the Student Scholarship program.  Shelly B. has been trying to meet with Suzanne McCurdy at the Community College about the Slow Food Youth workshop and scholarship.

8) The last order of business was brought up by Maureen (as it has before)  ”Do we want to create an Upper Columbia Slow Food Convivium Cook Book?  As a fundraiser.”  It was suggested that from now on we could bring the recipe of our potluck dish to each meeting/potluck or even send previous recipes to Maureen.