2008 Review

2008 in review

Farm Flood Victims in SW WA – January: Our chapter agreed to contribute $100 to help dairy farmers, Black Sheep Creamery through devastating losses.

Local Farms-Healthy Kids Bill HB 2798 – February: Al composed a letter of support from our chapter to Representative Pettigrew.

Slow Food Regional meeting – March: This meeting was held in Seattle by Slow Food USA and preceded the Board’s ratification of Slow Food USA’s strategic plan. *Not yet released by SF USA. This was also the first state-wide meeting of Washington/Alaska convivium leaders, held at Slow Food regional governor, Gerry Warren’s residence. Maureen represented our group and met leaders from Skagit, Friday Harbor, Olympic Peninsula, Spokane, and Seattle to share best practices and concerns.

King Corn – March: This provocative movie was shown at Lovitt Restaurant. Thirty to 40 people attended.

RAFT (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) transplanting party and plant sale – April: The Kowitz family planted all tomato and pepper plants for the Mother’s Day sale at Garden Gate Nursery. This is meant to be a chapter activity to educate the public about the RAFT project and preserving biodiversity, as well as a fundraiser. *We need your commitments to participate this Spring.

Mushroom Foray – May: Janice and Maureen did a food demonstration at the Little Pend Oreille Wilderness Refuge with former University of Minnesota professor of mycology, James Groth, as a collaborative effort w/ the Friends of Little Pend Oreille to get the community to visit the refuge and understand which fungi are edible and which ones to avoid.

Farm Tour at Quillisascut Farm and Cheese Company– May: k-6th grade students from Orient School: Lora Lea , Rick, Steven Schott, Alice Worley students learned about the importance of pollinators and honeybees on the farm ecology as well as all the other components to a healthy farm from feeding the soil- the goats- the humans and back to the soil.

Farm Tour at Paul’s Pastured Poultry & Pigs -May: Scott, Cheryl, Lora Lea, Janice and Jay talked with Summit Valley School students about chickens and where their food comes from at Paul and Susan’s farm.

Slow Food Nation / Slow Food Congress – August: Slow Food Nation was an inaugural event, held in San Francisco over the Labor Day weekend. Maureen represented us at Congress to listen and share concerns with delegates from other states, as well as meet with leaders of conviviums from other rural areas in our nation and hear testimonies from industry about the Healthy Food & Agriculture Declaration. Go to www.slowfoodusa.org to download video clips from the event, hear presentations by Slow Food founder Carlos Petrini, author Michael Pollan, global food advocate Vandana Shiva, and read more about the Declaration.

Terra Madre – October: Lora Lea represented our convivium at this international conference in Turin, Italy, where Slow Food was born. More than 4,000 farmers, breeders, fishermen and artisan food producers from more than 1,000 communities and 150 nations participate in this biennial mega-event.

Rotary Meeting – December: Lora Lea spoke at the Colville Rotary meeting to help spread the word about sustainability.