2007 in review

January 18th Terra Madre presentation, Spokane Community Building- Evelyn Florio and Al Kowitz who were delegates to Terra Madre in Turin Italy October 2006 representing Slow Food Upper Columbia and our regional food community. “Terra Madre 2006, the world meeting of food communities, brought together almost 9,000 people in Turin: 4,803 farmers, breeders, fishermen and artisan food producers from 1,583 food communities and 150 nations; 953 cooks; 411 professors and representatives from 225 universities; 2,320 observers and guides; 776 volunteers.” http://www.terramadre2006.org/terramadre/welcome_eng.lasso

March 31st chocolate tasting with Chef David Blaine from Latah Bistro (Spokane), at Meyers Falls Market. We learned about the world of chocolate and cacao, tasted chocolate from single varietals, and tried chocolate with different percentages of coco butter.

April 14th and May 13th RAFT (Renewing Americas Food Traditions) grow out. Started seeds and grew an assortment of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos for transplanting and sold them at the Garden Gate Nursery plant sale Mothers Day weekend. This was a two fold project; one to help educate the public about the RAFT project, and preserving biodiversity , and two it was our major fund raiser for the year.

June 8th Guatemalan Dinner with Jess Stieler

1) Enjoy a simple meal representing typical Guatemalan foods.

2) Learn how rural communities in Latin America exemplify slow food movement practices and sustainability.

3) Understand how the typical diet in these rural villages is lacking in nutrition and contributes to poor health and disease.

4) Discuss what you can do to improve the situation of these communities as well as your own.

Jess Stieler grew up in Wisconsin and went to Colorado State University, where she received her BS degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and a minor in Spanish. She is currently living in Seattle and is completing her dietetic internship at Sea Mar Community Health Centers, a non-profit health clinic that primarily serves the Latino population in the state of Washington. Jess decided to study nutrition in hopes that she would one day have the opportunity to help those who struggle with eating disorders. While this remains a goal, she has developed a number of other interests along the way. Jess takes a non-conventional, whole foods approach on nutrition, which derived greatly from her experience living in Guatemala last year and other travels throughout Latin America. She decided to do her internship special project at Quillisascut because of her interest in sustainable farming, the slow food movement, cooking, and her love for cheese.

October 6th- Volunteer to help prepare and serve the Stevens County Harvest Dinner

December 2nd potluck- Ozette potato fundraisers. Made plans for an educational end of year fund raiser, to sell 2 pound bags of Ozette fingerling potatoes. Sold to convivium members over the month of December and at the Community Building Farmers Market in Spokane. Article in the Spokesman Review Dec. 19th

December 29th – gathering and invite to encourage friends to join our slow food group.

January 27th 2008 planning meeting

Feb. 4th help with wine tasting (appetizers) at Meyers Falls Market