2018 Minutes

January Amber and Jason’s home Potluck

February New Hunger Coalition Dinner and Auction

March 18 We met at Amber and Jason’s home for a delicious meal and a brief meeting, beginning with the questions, “What does this group mean to you? Why do you come to the gatherings? How do you see the group evolving?”
Al Kowitz began by presenting a brief overview of what was important to him regarding Slow Food. Slow Food has been a champion of supporting biodiversity in our food supply. They bring to awareness the many species, both plant and animal, that are in danger of extinction. Slow Food supports the central role that indigenous people play in feeding themselves by raising their crops that have supported them over the years. Slow Food promotes good, fair, and clean food: food that tastes good, that provides a fair return to the farmer and farm workers, and that protects our ecosystems and is healthy.
Finally, Slow Food supports the vitality and economic success of small farms around the world.

People then wrote their thoughts about the questions. We are asking that of you as well. Please reply to this email with your ideas as well as thoughts on the level of involvement you are willing to have in planning/organizing activities, finding speakers, taking the lead on projects, hosting a meeting, or …

The message is that if we are to continue under the umbrella of Slow Food we need new energy in active positions in the group. If we are to be a social supper club with no greater purpose, we need to look at how to proceed. We’ll summarize your responses and send results out before our next meeting.

Additional discussion topics included:

The upcoming Slow Food NW regional Conference. We agreed to pay the $125 tuition for an active member who would like to attend and represent our convivium. You have received a separate email regarding this. Please contact Lora Lea loralea1@centurytel.net if you would like to attend.

Regenerative Agriculture. Joe Barreca will present more information to interested members before our April 15 meeting.

Al has become involved with LINC Foods and has resigned from his position as treasurer of Slow Food Upper Columbia. George Wells will be our new treasurer.

April 15 We met at Quillisascut Farm. Thank you to Joe Barreca (barrecavineyards.com), who spoke about Regenerative Agriculture. He talked of soil building through no tilling, use of cover crops, and use of complex crop rotation. Some resources he mentioned were:

Topsoil and Civilization by Tom Dale and Vernon Carter
Growing a Revolution by David R Montgomery
Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massey
Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin

Regeneration International
Organic Consumers Association

May 20 Nearly 30 of us (including children!) met at Quillascut on May 20 for a foraging expedition with Lora Lea. We learned to identify many common garden weeds which are edible and delicious! The potluck was delightful as always. A notable addition were the several weed dishes Lora Lea prepared. You can find her recipes at the Slow Food Upper Columbia website: https://slowfooduppercolumbia.wordpress.com/eat-your-weeds/

For your reading pleasure:
From Lora Lea
From Lauri McKean