2017 Minutes

2017 Slow food Upper Columbia
January 22
About 20 of us enjoyed a fabulous meal and delightful company on Sunday afternoon at Amber and Jason’s house.  Most of the time was spent eating and visiting and enjoying the twins, but we had a brief meeting during which we voted to again reserve tables for Slow Food Upper Columbia folks who wish to attend the N.E.W. Hunger Coalition Gala Dinner and Auction February 11 and to purchase a table as a donation for food bank volunteers or local farmers (to be determined by the event organizers)  Once again Lori Roberts and Al Kowitz will provide a delicious meal and we will be able to participate in a silent auction to benefit the Hunger Coalition’s efforts to help people who combat hunger in our area.
We have filled one table at this time

February 11 N.E.W. Hunger Coalition Gala Dinner and Auction

March 19 We met at Quillisascut Farm bread baking demonstration led by Chris Loggers followed by our monthly meeting and potluck. Chris came prepared with just baked examples of two 2 No-Knead breads for us to see and taste.  He also brought ready to bake dough for us to feel and see.  That was baked on site in Dutch ovens and shared with the group.  Finally he mixed the dough for the same two alternative methods in our presence so that we could see and feel the difference in the moisture of each.  The recipes for these methods and complete notes are attached to this email.  Thank you Chris!
We discussed upcoming events and dates.  Calendar below has been updated tto reflect changes.  We welcome suggestions for topics and offers to host a meeting, present something related to the Slow Food mission (Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet) or offer an activity

April 16 at Rick and Lora Lea Misterly’s farm a table full of people gathered for a delicious and creative potluck.  Our gathering started out with a presentation by Lauri McKean on Permaculture. She is passionate about this way of living on earth and makes the topic interesting.
Permaculture is a regenerative design system based in ecological principles and ethics.  It is being used world wide for both large scale and home scale projects with the goal of healing the earth while simultaneously getting a yield that is beneficial to humans.  Lauri will present a one hour overview of permaculture design including easy home-scale applications, resources, and why she feels it is one of the most promising models for ecological food production.  

Dan Wallace joined us and brought 9 varieties of micro greens produced on his Mingo Mountain farm. He will be selling them at the Colville Farmers Market beginning in May or you can go to his web site at: drumminggrousefarm.com
Evelyn updated the group on the Upper Columbia Slow Food/Kettle Falls Food Bank project. Two volunteers from our group will go the first T, W and Th of each month beginning in June to share a crock pot recipe. Each day there will be a raffle for a new crock pot and if the group can locate enough used crock pots we will also give these away to interested participants at the food bank

May 21, twenty of us gathered at Amber and Jason’s home for a talk by Joe Barecca on managing and training wine grapes. There was a sampling of wine from Barecca Vineyard and Fruitland Valley Wines. We also had a plant and seed swap: lots of tomatoes, herbs, eggplant, peppers.  And we enjoyed a delicious seasonal potluck featuring rhubarb, asparagus, and morels!

June 18, sixteen of us met for a delicious potluck meal and fun conversation at Quillisascut Farm. We finished the afternoon with a showing of Seed, The Movie.
July 16 at Lesley Mann/David King’s home on the river. A small group enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and chance to visit at Lesley and David’s home on the river.  It seems to be difficult to work around summer’s busy-ness and gather a group to meet in July and August.  The August meeting is being cancelled

August Canceled

September 24 Eighteen of us enjoyed a delicious potluck and delightful visit at Chuck and Josie Darst’s home overlooking the river.  The company, food and location was our meeting for that day.

October 15 Twenty-six of us met at Rick and Lora Misterly’s home.  We enjoyed a fabulous potluck comprising dishes designed to accompany red beans and rice.  After a great meal and conversation, most stayed to watch the DVD of Deeply Rooted  http://www.lpb.org/index.php?/site/programs/deeply_rooted

November 19 the home of Amber and Jason:

December 10 Sixteen of us met at Quillisascut Farm for a potluck and tamale making party. Eight people arrived early for the tamale preparation.
We made 75 tamales with three fillings, pork in red sauce, turkey mole, and roasted chiles and cheese. Most of them were consumed at the potluck!