2013 Minutes

January 2013

It was a small but very fun group with fabulous colorful foods!!

1. 10,000 gardens project
Everyone was reminded of the option to donate. Slow Food UC will match the donation 2 to 1. You can send donations by check to:
Al Kowitz
51 Mink Creek Rd
Kettle Falls, WA 99114
or bring them to the February or March meeting.
We have 2 pledges now totaling $75. Slow Food UC will match with $150. Our goal is to reach $1188.13 (900 euros) by March 18 so that we can sponsor a garden in Nairobi via Frances Aldous-Worley.

2. Movie about GMOs
Amber reported on the two possible movies recommended by Label It Washington
Genetic Roulette- this movie is US focused and can be ordered for $20 (it includes several other DVDs.) We agreed that SFUC Lora Lea ordered the set and has received it. Amber is still working on getting a speaker. Al K will continue to work on a location and date.

Bitter Seeds – focused on India- maybe not a great choice if we want to focus on the Washington State movement

February 17, 2013

Nineteen of us were present at Quillisascut on February 17 to hear Gael Treesiwin speak about the Hunger Coalition. We had a great meeting with, as always, wonderful food. We also had a full agenda of topics for education and discussion.
Don Worley presented updated information on the 1,000 Gardens in Africa project. Slow Food International has identified gardens for funding based on specific criteria. They have funded 75% of the promised dollars for those projects and have moved funds to cover the obligations. They are not in a position to add a new project. We voted to support Slow Food International’s 1,000 Gardens project. All donations will be matched 2:1 by our convivium. Meanwhile, Frances is continuing to work to develop a convivium in Nairobi. Update: We have enough donations to meet our obligation for the 1000 garden project. Al will have a report at the March meeting. Any additional donations can go to Frances for her work in Kenya. We can discuss a deadline.
Gael Treesiwin spoke about the NE WA Hunger Coalition, an exciting project combining resources of 25 members, including Food Banks, school and community programs, and health organizations in an effort to end hunger. (PDF with full handout at https://slowfooduppercolumbia.wordpress.com/community-info/ The goals include a variety of means toward addressing unhealthy eating habits, obesity, gardening and cooking skills and nutritional knowledge as well as skills to budget and shop. We discussed ways in which our convivium might participate, with more discussion to follow at later meetings. The members present on Felbruary 17 voted in favor of our convivial partnering with the Providence North East Washington Hunger Coalition.
Lou stone spoke about current efforts to create a community radio station, KEPG 90.7, on the Colville Indian reservation. The project’s non-profit sponsor is St’al-squil-xw. The FCC deadline for the station to be up and running is June 3013. See Lou’s handout at https://slowfooduppercolumbia.wordpress.com/community-info/ for further information.

November 17, 2013
Thirteen of us met on Sunday, November 17 to participate in a fermentation presentation by Al and Lora Lea.  They introduced us to some useful resources:
The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz
Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz
Keeping Food fresh:  Old World Techniques and Recipes by Claude Aubert

Al also suggested a NY Times article, “Some of My Best Friends are Germs” by Michael Pollan, http://michaelpollan.com/articles-archive/some-of-my-best-friends-are-germs/ .  It is worthwhile reading with wonderful information presented in Pollan’s usual witty and articulate style.

We then made sauerkraut using an heirloom cabbage grater passed down in Al’s family.  It looked like a primitive, larger version of a mandolin and made the cutting of the cabbage quick and easy!  It is important to use kosher or sea salt which has no additives.  The ratio is 3T salt to 5# cabbage.  Those of us who participated in the preparation came home with a pint or two of sauerkraut.

Report on I 522.  Although the initiative was defeated (by 51% to 49% at latest count), it generated a great deal of interest and discussion.  Of interest is the $22 million spent by the No on 522 campaign.  Grocery Manufacturers Association spent $10 million.  Only $522 came from within the state!
Food Tank, is a food think tank devoted to creating a network of information related to sustainable solutions for environmental, nutritional and social problems of our broken food system.  Al suggested a video, Going forward by going back- 15 indigenous crops feeding the world.  It is short, only 3 and 1/2 minutes, followed on the site by a list of ‘delicious, nutritions indigenous vegetables’.  http://foodtank.org/news/2013/11/going-forward-by-going-back-indigenous-crops-importance-feeding-world
Our October Yes on 522 signs, raffle and auction raised $2400!  $200 was spent on a radio ad, $100 on a newspaper ad and $2100 was donated to the Yes on 522 campaign.

A typically wonderful potluck and visit followed.

Save the date!
Our next potluck/meeting is on December 15 at 2:00.  Al and Evelyn will teach us how to make Squash Gnocchi!  Gnocchi at 2 pm, followed by a potluck at 3.  Please bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice.