January 22, 2012 4:00 pm Potluck, Lovitt Restaurant, Colville
We had a great turnout for our January Slow Food meeting at Lovitt.  There are several things to report:
Next meeting is on Monday, February 20 at Lovitt.  Come at 4:00 for happy hour, potluck dinner at 5.  Bring something to share and a beverage of your choice.
Our UC Slow Food March Movie event  will be held at Lovitt on March 13.  We discussed showing the film Food Stamped (a great video about a couple who try to live on a food stamp diet- about $1 per meal which could fit in with our project to work with the food bank.) http://www.foodstamped.com/)  We need some volunteers to meet with Lora Lea before February 20 to plan this event.  Please email her to set a meeting time if you’re able to help. (<loralea1@centurytel.net>)
Slow Food Upper Columbia agreed to donate $500 to the Kowitz Scholarship for Sustainability in Food and Farming.  This scholarship is funded by a $10,000 endowment where the earnings will be used for scholarships for second year students at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College in Spokane, where Al Kowitz earned his culinary degree.
Chris Loggers and Rick Moore volunteered to challenge other area Slow Food groups  to do the same.


From Carl Bach:
Here is an article I just came across and think it might be of interest to our group. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/01/the-soul-of-slow-food-fighting-for-both-farmers-and-eaters/251739/?google_editors_picks=true

From the Organic Consumers Association:
We have a chance to win our right to know about GMOs in our food in Washington State, but we must act fast!
Bills to label GMOs have been introduced in the House (HB 2637) and Senate (SB 6298).

SB 6298 is scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Water & Rural Economic Development at 10:00 AM on Thursday, January 26, 2012.

HB 2637 is scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources at 8:00 AM on Friday, January 27, 2012.

We need you to get these bills passed! Here’s what you can do:
1.    Write your state reps to ask them to cosponsor the bills.
2.    Write your state senators to ask them to cosponsor SB 6298.
3.    Call your state reps to ask them to cosponsor HB 2637.
4.     Call your state senators to ask them to cosponsor SB 6298.
Learn more and get involved at GMOFreeWashington.com.
Alexis Baden-Mayer
Organic Consumers Fund

February 20, 2012 (Monday) 4:00 pm potluck Lovitt Restaurant, Colville

March 20, 2012 (Tuesday) 6:00 pm Food Stamped, a video about a couple who try to live on a food stamp diet- about $1 per meal http://www.foodstamped.com/ Lovitt Restaurant, highway 395 Colville, limited seating call 509-684-5444 for reservations.
Slow Food Upper Columbia hosted a movie Tuesday MARCH 20 at 6pm at Lovitt Restaurant. The movie is free but please bring a food donation for the Colville Food bank (VFRC). Food Stamped is an informative and humorous documentary film following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. Through their adventures they consult with members of U.S. Congress, food justice organizations, nutrition experts, and people living on food stamps to take a deep look at America’s broken food system.
Following the movie, there will be two speakers- Frani Roberts, Director of the Volunteer Food and Resource Center in Colville and Fritzi Reber, Administrator, DSHS Community Services Office in Colville.
Lovitt will have drinks, popcorn and flatbread available for purchase.

April 8, 2012 noon transplanting 2:00 pm potluck RAFT (Renewing Americas Food Traditions) transplanting and potluck in the big greenhouse, Kowitz Farm. Please bring your own plates, cups and utensils as well as the beverage of your choice. Al will provide coffee. Kowitz farm greenhouse. Hope to see you there!
Minutes: About 20 of us met on April 8 at the Kowitz Family Farm to transplant tomatoes (Borghese, Cherokee Purple, Nebraska Wedding, German Pink, Green Zebra, Italian Heirloom, Red Zebra, Amish Paste, Black Krim, Aunt Ruby, Tomatillo, Purple Tmatillo Brandywine, Jaune Flamme, Morgage Lifter, Yellow Brandywine, Ground Cherry) and pepper (King of the North, Orange Bell, Cal Wonder, Chocolate Beauty, Golden Treasure, Bull Nose Bell, Quadrato Asti Giallo, Italian Sweet, Naredllo, Jalapeno, Anaheim, Fish, Poblano) for the RAFT sale, eat fabulous food and visit. We transplanted about 1000 plants. Discussion items included:

Volunteers Needed to help at the RAFT sale May 11, 12, and 13. Please contact Evelyn Florio (evelynflorio@yahoo.com) to volunteer (Friday 5/11 11:00-1:00, 1:00-3:00, 3:00-5:00 or Saturday 5/12 9:00-11:00, 11:00-1:00, 1:00-3:00. This is our major fundraiser. Please consider participating.

1000 Gardens for Africa is a project of Slow Food International. We discussed a donation from our group. More information to follow!

Food Stamped Our Slow Food movie night at Lovitt Restaurant in March was a great success. We showed the movie FOOD STAMPED and following the showing, Frani Roberts from the Colville Food Band and Fritzi Reber, the administrator at the Department of Social and Health Services in Colville, talked about food stamps, hunger in Stevens County, and answered questions.
*Slow Food Upper Columbia owns the rights to show the dvd to the public, so if you are interested in seeing it yourself or showing it to a community group, contact Al Kowitz at 738-2227*

Notes and Reminders:

Saturday, April 21: Slow Food will have an information table at the Celebration of Stevens County Non Profits (outdoors at the former Colville Natural Foods Co-op) We will be there to answer questions and provide information about Slow Food. the event is followed by dinner and music. Volunteers Needed to be at the Slow Food table (in short shifts) from noon to 5:00pm. Please contact Lora Lea loralea1@centurytel.net

Sunday, April 22, 4pm: April 22 is Earth Day! Celebrate with a 4:00pm Pizza Party at Quillisascut Farm, $25 per person. This event is a fundraiser for the Kowitz Scholarship for Sustainability in Food and Farming (at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy /Spokane Community College) Sign up and prepay at http://quillisascut.com/pizza-party/ or contact loralea1@centurytel.net

May Mothers Day weekend RAFT Plant Sale at Garden Gate Growers NurseryThe plant sale was a great success!

Summer 2012
We have suspended plans for the farmers market education programs. Stay tuned for summer plans 2012.

If you would like to participate and volunteer contact Al Kowitz or Tove Andvik

June Solstice potluck and garden tour

July Beach Party



October 21 2:00pm potluck Quillisascut Farm with guest speaker Duane Hayman from Lost Valley Orchard antique apple tasting and lecture.
About 30 of us enjoyed a great presentation by Duane Hayman of Lost Valley Orchard ( http://www.soaysheep.net/Soaysheep/Lost_Valley_Orchard.html). He presented 7 varieties of his 75 antique apples, telling the story of each and offering them to us to taste (Bell de Boskops, Golden Russett, Famuese (snowy), Blue Pearmain, Calville Blanc de Hiver, Hubbardston Nonesuch and Westfield Seek No Further). It was a great presentation–we learned, for example, that the Blue Pearmain was Thoreau’s favorite and that Fameuse is the parent of Macantosh.
This was followed by an opportunity to visit and share great food.

Save the dates! Our next 2012 meetings will be at Quillisascut on November 18 and December 16. Details to follow.

November 18 3:00pm potluck Quillisascut Farm we will discuss the 1000 Gardens in Africa project and how our Slow Food chapter can get involved.
Minutes: 22 of us spent an informative and enjoyable afternoon at Quillisascut yesterday. Our topic was the Slow Food International 1000 Gardens project. The group was in favor of our supporting a garden. We discussed some ways we might fund our support. Alice Aldous and Don Worley’s daughter, Frances, lives in Nairobi, Kenya. She was Kenya’s representative to Terra Madre and is interested in starting a Slow Food convivium in Nairobi as well as participating in the 1000 Gardens project. We are exploring ways in which we might partner with her in that effort. More to follow.
We also discussed the failure of California’s attempt to require labeling of GMOs and an effort which is underway in Washington state to do the same. (Washington Label It Initiative I-1522 http://www.labelitwa.org/ ) See links below for Slow Food’s position on GMOs and links to further information.
Of course, our afternoon was made perfect with fabulous food and conversation!

Next meeting: Sunday, December 16 at 3pm, Quillisascut. Please join us–bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice.

From Al Kowitz:
I thought we should be well grounded in Slow Food’s position on GMOs. Here is a statement by Carlo Petrini and SlowFood’s statement on GMOs. The Institute for Reponsible Technology is a pretty comprehensive guide on GMO foods. The research on GMOs is so politicized that it is hard to know sometimes what to believe, but this site pretty much coincides with Slow Food’s position.

Ten Reasons to Say No to GMOs by Carlo Petrini

Slow Food’s Position on GMOs

Institute for Responsible Technology: GMO Education. At this site is a downloadable non-gmo buying guide

Center for Food Safety

From Joe Barreca:

December 16 2012 3:00 pm Potluck at Quillisascut Farm 2409 Pleasant Valley Road Rice WA
Several of us enjoyed wonderful food and discussion last Sunday at Quillisascut. One topic was the Gardens for Africa project. We’d like to fund Frances Aldous-Worley’s urban garden in Nairobi. The cost is 900 Euros ($1188.13 US dollars). Our proposal is to match donations $2 to $1 until we reach that amount.
There is a petition at Meyers Falls for I-522, the initiative to label GMOs in food in this state (http://www.labelitwa.org) Slow Food is in support of labeling GMOs. Amber offered to contact the I 522 office for suggestions regarding a film or speaker for our March event. We can look at the option of a larger space for the March film if we find a particularly good film or speaker. Al will research possible dates and locations for the film.

Evelyn mentioned that there is a hunger coalition in Stevens County and that we may be able to get a speaker to come to a meeting (perhaps February) to talk with us about the project.

The next meeting/potluck is at 3:00 at Lovitt Restaurant on January 13. Please bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice.